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Our ongoing series of tours to US military installations around the world are presented by teams of 8 volunteer professional magicians, comedians, and staff from across the US and Canada. In solidarity with those in service, they leave their families and country to acknowledge, honor, and support their sacrifice. From magic up close to our stage show for the whole base, Magicians on Mission is there to share laughter and wonder.

Our performers have been seen on:

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Close-Up Magic Shows

During the daytime we do what we call "special unit visits". These visits are to small units like the...

Fire house

Command center 

K-9 unit




Dining Facility 

And More...

During these visits our service members share their unit’s purpose, their jobs and give a demonstration of the equipment they use.

Afterwards, our team performs an intimate, interactive close-up magic show for them.

For some, this is their only opportunity to experience the magic and receive a care package, because they are often still on duty during the evening shows.

Interactive Stage Magic Shows

Our evening program is a 90-minute interactive stage magic show that combines:




These performances are designed for groups of 40 - 400 people. This gives our service members an opportunity to laugh with their colleagues, de-stress, and relax from the rigors of their daily lives.

Meet & Greet

Immediately following each performance, is a special time for our team to meet our service members and:

Give them a gift box

Shake their hand
(or hug, high 5, fist bump)

Take Photos

Sign Autographs

The Gift Boxes

Our gift boxes are not big enough to contain our nation's gratitude, however, they are a physical reminder of their experience at our show and of your support during their time in service along with a story to share with friends and family when they return home. Each gift box includes a:

Souvenir ticket

Autograph Card
(with link to digital playbill)

Thank you postcard
(note of encouragement)

4" vinyl sticker

1" enamel hat/lapel pin

Deck of Playing Cards

Other Gifts / Samples
(from our sponsors)

4" Morale Patch

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Where our troops are, we go

We travel to US military installations across the world:

  • Europe
  • Mediterranean
  • Pacific
  • Southwest Asia
  • Western Hemisphere

Each Tour

Supports & Entertains 2,500 service members

  • 16

    Days of Travel

  • 4

    Foreign Countries

  • 12

    Military Installations

  • 48

    Special Unit Visits

  • 12

    Evening Stage
    Magic Shows

  • 60

    Meet & Greets

  • 2.5K

    Gift Boxes Delivered

Annual Reach

Supports & Entertains 60,000 service members

  • 24

    Performance Tours

  • 96

    Foreign Countries

  • 288

    Military Installations

  • 1,152

    Special Unit Visits

  • 288

    Evening Stage
    Magic Shows

  • 1,440

    Meet & Greets

  • 60K

    Gift Boxes Delivered

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