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Penguin Magic Podcast

(May 2024)

Penguin Magic Podcast | Season 5 Episode 30
With Erik Tait

Chris Rose is the founder and CEO of Magicians On A Mission, a charitable organization that develops, produces, and supports magic shows for American troops in combat zones. Chris and his team stop by the show to discuss their efforts, how these shows help service members, and what you can do to help. The show kicks off with Nick Locapo and Erik Tait discussing the new products Going Up and Grip Stick, as well as sharing their insight on how to make your walk-around magic more powerful.

Genii Magazine

(April 2022)

The Eye - Stories from around the world of magic Article by Vanessa Armstrong

Magicians on Mission Brings Magic to U.S. Troops

Chris Rose is bringing magic to U.S. troops around the world. The magician started the non-profit organization Magicians on Mission a few years ago, and will have its first tour this August, where they'll partner with Armed Forces Entertainment to perform for approximately 5,000 troops in three countries in Southwest Asia.

Rose founded Magicians onMission after...

Lifestyle Magazine

(Nov. 2021)

Paradise Valley Lifestyle Magazine

Forces of Magic Article by Angel Fuchs

Magicians on mission brings hope to service members via live entertainment

Chris Rose, local entertainer and magician, has been dazzling audiences for decades.

Now he's planning to bring a little magic to the military with Magicians on Mission, a nonprofit dedicated to boosting the morale and emotional health of American service members deployed overseas.

Rose was born into a multigenerational military family. His mother, father, and grandfather were all in the U.S. Air Force, and he even married into the military as well.

"My wife is also a veteran," Rose says. "I have the utmost respect for all branches of the military."

His love for magic began...

Images Magazine

(Nov. 2021)

Images Magazine

Affectual Abracadabra Article by Joseph J. Airdo

Chris Rose has been fascinated with magic throughout his entire life.

“Magic creates a sense of wonder,” he says. “It also, in my opinion, helps provide us with a certain amount of hope for the future, that life is not as bad as it could be. And magic is one of the only art forms that uses practically every other art form, as well. Art, music, creative design, costume design, lighting — it is all mixed in there.”

It is that fascination that led Rose to not only pursue a career in magic but also use it to bring gratitude and laughter to men and women who, in a high-stress and high danger environment, need that sense of wonder and hope for the future the most. Rose recently founded Magicians on Mission, a nonprofit organization that...

Arizona FOX 10

(May. 2023)

AZ Fox 10 

Chris Rose, Joe M. Turner, and special guest Sgt. Dubois share some magic and info about fundraising event at Molina's fine jewelry.


Arizona FOX 10

(Sept. 2021)

AZ Fox 10

Chris Rose and special guest TSgt. Brandon Allen


Arizona FOX 10

(Sept.. 2021)

AZ Family Channel 3

Chris Rose with special guests TSgt. Brandon Allen and Jordan Sparacio


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